Ode to Aurora

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September 9, 2013 by Brittany

Last weekend I hung out with a few volunteers, and for some reason we got to talking about all the things we were frustrated with in Peru.  All the little cultural differences that nag you sometimes, and just make life kind of annoying at times.  We really got into it for some reason.  We’re not usually like this.  Volunteers in LICAH usually don’t get together and just bash all the annoying things we have to deal with in Peru.  That’s not our style.  So true to form, we ended our bitch session by each stating one thing we loved about being Peace Corps Volunteers in Peru.  Most of the other volunteers said things like how great and diverse this country is, how warm the people are, etc. And while I do agree with them wholeheartedly, I kept thinking about something much much smaller, and something I realized I’ve never really explained here, or well, to many people.  So I figured it was about time I did.  This post is in honor of one of my best friends in site, Aurora.  Aurora is a 39 year- old married, mother of two that teaches math at the school in my site.  We don’t seem like two people who would be friends, but volunteers the world over will tell you they have made friends with some unlikely people.  I love the fact that our realities are so very different, but yet we’ve found so much in common.  When I first got to site and realized my actual host family wasn’t really the family environment I had expected, she was the one to welcome me into her family.  When I struggled with starting my own projects and adapting to life here, she was the one I talked to.  When my family came and wanted to meet people in my site, she was the one who welcomed them into her home and told my mom not to worry because I have a family to take care of me here.  When I was feeling so very disconnected to other volunteers, and worried about things at home, she was the one I went to.  I feel so completely blessed to have her in my life, and could not think of how I would have gotten through the last few years without her.



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Hi! I’m Brittany and I served in Peru from 2011- 2013. I’m from Maryland, and went to school at American University in DC. This blog attempts to capture the crazy beautiful, difficult life that is Peace Corps and readjustment to life back in the States.


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