“What’s that? Is this new?” Or Readjustment to Life in America

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January 18, 2014 by Brittany

I think I’ve asked these questions more in the past month than I probably have in a long long time.  Restaurants are new, phones are new, trends are new.  I thought I was connected in Peru, but apparently I wasn’t as connected as I thought I was.  Places have been remodeled, stores have changed, and there are gonna be Olympics in a few short weeks people.  Just when I think I’ve gotten caught up someone makes a reference I don’t get and I stare blankly as everyone laughs.  I’ve jumped right into grad school, which mostly gets stares of disbelief from my peers.  But I’m loving being a student again (at least so far… get back to me when I have to turn in my three 20 pages papers).  I’m enjoying being home so much but it’s also strange.  Drinking from the tap is strange (and awesome!), putting toilet paper in the toilet is strange, and people actually following traffic laws is strange.  I have a cellphone that does more than call and text (actually I kinda feel like I could rule the world with how many things my cell does now), and I can drive anywhere I want.  It’s also strange to feel like you belong, but you somehow don’t anymore either.

Before leaving for Peru I wrote myself a letter to be opened when I returned.  I had kind of forgotten about it until I was cleaning out my room and found it pegged to my bulletin board.  Here it is:

“Dear Me,

I know you are scared to start this big adventure, but by the time you read this, the adventure will be over and you will have returned.  I hope you learned that great risk is worth it.  That you continued to grow and learn.  I hope you’ve met amazing people who inspired you, showed you love and compassion, and pushed you to never give up.  I hope you have learned you are stronger and more powerful than you ever thought possible.  It was one hell of a ride, but you did it, like I knew you could.  I love you my girl.  Have faith that no matter what comes next, even if it may be uncertain now, will land you exactly where you are meant to be.”


I read this a couple of days after getting home.  Everything I had hoped, came true in so many more ways than I ever thought possible.  Peace Corps was risky, but it was worth it in ways I will never be able to fully describe.  And I think in so many ways it brought me exactly where I am meant to be.



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Hi! I’m Brittany and I served in Peru from 2011- 2013. I’m from Maryland, and went to school at American University in DC. This blog attempts to capture the crazy beautiful, difficult life that is Peace Corps and readjustment to life back in the States.


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