Readjustment Part Two


January 27, 2014 by Brittany

I read another 17ers blog recently, and she inspired me to be more honest about readjusting.  Because she’s right- it’s not about remembering to put toilet paper in the toilet, or embracing the awesomeness that is tap water.  It’s about so much more.  This is gonna be as honest as I can.  I knew readjusting was going to be hard, but I don’t think anything could prepare me for just how hard it has been.  Much in the same way nothing can quite prepare you for Peace Corps, nothing can prepare you for coming home. Everyone knows change is sometimes incredibly painful, and transitions are usually never all fun.  This is definitely no exception. The newness of the U.S. is wearing off, and I find myself getting more and more homesick for Peru.  I want to swing in hammocks, and drink bad Cristal while chatting away an afternoon.  I want to take the long seemingly endless walks alone along a highway that used to infuriate me for it’s singular direction.  I want carapulcra (a regional Peruvian dish) so badly- and I know the chances of finding it are slim to none.  I knew leaving meant losing people, and to be honest, I thought this would happen gradually… like sand slipping through your hands, how it just falls away.  But it’s already happened.  I’ve only been gone about a month and a half, and certain people feel so far away it’s as if I left years ago. Birthdays have been celebrated, relationships have started, vacations have been enjoyed, and life moves on. While people tell you that you have to focus and build the new, I think you also need to take time to mourn the loss. Talking to people here is difficult, just simply because I don’t know how to relate who I am now to who I was then.  I didn’t realize just how much I feel differently, think differently now, how much I had changed.  And so I want to stay home. I’m not making new friends, I’m not putting myself out there.  And that’s perfectly okay.  I figure that will come with time.  In time I will want to make the effort to create another life here, not quite the same one I had when I left, but perhaps even better.  I can imagine it, this life, but I can’t feel it yet.


One thought on “Readjustment Part Two

  1. Sue Song says:

    what up:


    1/2 kg. de papa seca
    1/2 kg. de carne de chancho
    01 cebolla grande picada en cuadritos
    03 cucharadas de ají panca
    1 1/2 cda. de ajos molidos
    Caldo de pollo o 02 cubitos disueltos en 1.5 lt. de agua caliente.
    150 gr. de maní molido
    50 gr. de galletitas de animalitos molida
    Yuca sancochada
    Aceite c/n.
    Sal al gusto


    – Escoger y cernir la papa seca para verificar que no tenga piedritas.

    – En una sartén caliente dorar de a pocos la papa seca e ir echándola en un recipiente con agua para hidratarla

    – Una vez hidratada (que se haya hinchado), enjuagarla bien y dejarla escurrir.

    – En una olla freír en aceite muy caliente la carne cortada en trozos y condimentada con 1/2 cda. de ajos y sal . Reservar.

    – En la misma olla freír muy bien la cebolla, agregar luego el ají panca, dorar muy bien, adicionar los ajos, revolver para integrar bien los ingredientes y finalmente vierta la papa seca e ir agregando el caldo según vaya espesando hasta que este casi cocinado, entonces mezclar con la carne que se había reservado, dejar dar un hervor y servir con yuca.

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